Our Training

"You don't rise to occasion, but sink to the level of your training"

Unit Indoctrination

The first step in the training pipeline. INDOC takes 15-30 minutes and ensures candidates have their names, mods, and keybindings correct. Candidates are also provided with information critical to their success within the unit along with a basic loadout. After the completion of INDOC candidates are encouraged to attend weekly training events; however, they are unable to attend Saturday operations.

Qualification Exam

The final step in the training pipeline, qualification exam(s) known as Exercise Trident (SEALs) and Exercise Wings (Aviators) are the final step for new new members prior to becoming active duty. EXS Trident & EXS Wings are culmination exercises that test the skills the unit has deemed necessary to operate with us at a basic level. Each exercise is timed and scored. Once completed, candidates become active duty and begin playing in official operations.

Advanced Courses

A series of hands-on and challenging courses designed to teach skills critical to mission success. These courses designed to teach members advanced skills. Advanced courses include Joint Terminal Attack Control, Leadership Development, and Long Range Marksmanship. These advanced courses provide the tools necessary for our operators & aviators to operate in a variety of challenging environments and complex battlespaces.

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