Our Training

"You don't rise to occasion, but sink to the level of your training"

SEAL Qualification Training

A series of hands on exercises designed to teach and hone the skills necessary to operate within SEAL Team 10. New and experienced players alike will learn and practice advanced CQB tactics, tactical communication, tactical combat causality care, and advanced patrolling skills.

School of Infantry

A course designed to teach our 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine recruits the bread and butter of Marine Corps operations including fire team-platoon maneuvers, MOUT operations, and patrolling. Recruits also select their infantry MOS at the conclusion of this course.

Flight School

A series of courses that prepare our Student Naval Aviators (SNA)s in naval aviation. Students practice scenarios in their selected aircraft (MV-22, HH-60, UH-1Y, CH-53, or F/A-18) that they will experience during unit operations and become proficient in handling their selected aircraft in all weather and situations.