Our Training

"You don't rise to occasion, but sink to the level of your training"

Flight School

A series of courses that prepare our student naval aviators (SNAs) to support our SEAL squads. Students practice scenarios in the aircraft utilized by SOS-1 that they will experience during unit operations and become proficient in handling a variety of aircraft under the SOS-1 banner.

SEAL Qualification Training

A series of hands on exercises designed to teach and hone the skills necessary to operate within SEAL Team 10. New and experienced players alike will learn and practice advanced CQB tactics, tactical communication, tactical combat causality care, and advanced patrolling skills.

Advanced Courses

A series of hands on courses designed to teach members advanced skills such as Joint Terminal Attack Control, Sensitive Site Exploitation, Leadership, Dynamic Breaching, and Technical Surveillance. Allowing our members to operate in any environment while adapting to any situation.

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