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ST10 Information
  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Completing Field Training Exercises prior to 2020 European deployment.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Hearts & Scotch to SA.
  • |GENERAL| ST10 & 5thSFG Joint Operation, Saturday 7 December 2019.
  • |SERVER STATUS|All services running normally.
  • |RECRUITMENT| SEAL - OPEN, Support Operator - DIVERSON.
  • Welcome to SEAL Team 10!

    Hello and welcome to SEAL Team 10! We hope you enjoy your time here, and get to know the teams. If you need any help please do not hesitate to ask a current member to assist you. If for whatever reason they can not help you, they will know who to get in touch with to handle any questions, comments, or concerns!

    Below is the link to the recruitment section if you wish to take a look for further information:


  1. SEAL Team 10

    1. 1,796
    2. Server Information

      Information on our servers
    3. Joint Operation Information & Request

      Area for other units to ask questions, gather information, and request joint operations

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