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ST10 Information
  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Completing Field Exercises in Bornholm, Denmark.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Tarnowski to SO3.
  • |GENERAL| None.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services running normally.
  • |RECRUITMENT| SEAL - OPEN, Pilot - Diversion.


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  1. I would be right now online, if you are around I could do the interview with you.
  2. Mr. Dylan, Thank you for your interest in the SEAL Team 10 Realism Unit . Your application has been ACCEPTED and you will be moved along in the process so you can conduct initial training. Once again, welcome aboard! Respectfully, LCDR Solo Recruiting Office SEAL Team 10 *Inteview completed by LCDR Solo *Welcome aboard PM sent
  3. Arma3sync not working

    ****Problem solved****
  4. Teamspeak Server Error

    Hope all is fine on the server, was just worried something is wrong on my end, since it seamed every one else could connect and just I had the problem,I also tend to forget that at 3am (3pm for me) not many people are online anymore.
  5. Teamspeak Server Error

    oh alright that solved the problem, now i am able to get on TS again
  6. Teamspeak Server Error

    no not really its the first time right now and its already for 4hours that i cant connect anymore, the message i see is FAILED TO CONNECTED TO SERVER
  7. Teamspeak Server Error

    I am not sure but for some hours when i try to connect to the Teamspeak Server i always get an error message and i cant connect, is it me or is there a problem?
  8. Joint Operation Husky

    So it's not possible that the ones who got a slot to do this joint operation and the rest of ST10 do the op we have going? I mean just in real life seal team they have more then one unit out and do different ops? Correct me if I am wrong
  9. Joint Operation Husky

    hey guys i have a question OPROD says 1900CST, i imagen thats the time the Joint Op will start ?? is that 2000EST?? or what would that be on EST, so i can adjust my time here in the Philippines and will not show up an hour late or so. Sorry for asking but i am not so familiar with your CST or EST time stuff.
  10. Joint Operation Husky

    sorry may i ask which of the many IRON FRONT mods are used? i was looking at the ARMA 3 WORKSHOP and there are so many, couls some one please be so nice and post a link or a more clear discription on that. Thanks very much in advance. Solo
  11. thanks no worries, just saw it and thought i report the issue, not that we all want to go on and nobody gets on, thanks
  12. It seams like the Training Server did a rollback to the old Arma 3 1.66 version, sorry i didnt know where else to post this, but i thought it fits here
  13. First Name - Hans Last Name - Solo Age - 37 ArmA III Player ID - 76561198168841059 What NEC Code do you desire? 5301 UDT SEAL Candidate Do you understand that NEC Code's are selected at the end of UDT? You may not get the desired NEC Code you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently in a ArmA unit? No Why do you want to join SEAL Team 10? I would like to experience and operating in a group of dedicated warfare players, and experience tactical combat on a different level, hone on my skills and train them, work in a team and conduct operations with the team How did you hear about us? Website What other ArmA units have you been in? I have or i am in a unit my friends build Arma 3 Exile players, as well i have my own unit (one man) since i help friends out from time to to time to admin on there server Have you read and understood our policies and guidelines? Yes

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