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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Completing Training Exercises prior to deployment to Venezuela.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Blue to SOC.
  • |GENERAL| None.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services operational.

LTJG Zinselmeier (Ret)

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  1. TFAR Ghost plugin (Spoopy)

    Solved (with a million thanks to SN Cousins) This is the new location of your plugins folder if you recently updated Teamspeak
  2. TFAR Ghost plugin (Spoopy)

    So, I'm trying to replace the radio key sounds of TFAR with some custom sound bits, which is easy on its own. But when I go to the Teamspeak3 directory in my files, the plugins folder is empty. It still shows that TFAR is installed (and I reinstalled it to make sure) when teamspeak itself is launched. Is there some other location where the TFAR plugin for Teamspeak is located? Thanks in advance
  3. Mr. Steele, Thank you for your interest in the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines Realism Unit. Your application has been ACCEPTED and you will be moved along in the process so you can conduct initial training. Once again, welcome aboard! Respectfully, LTJG Zinselmeier Recruiting Office 2nd Battalion 7th Marines Welcome aboard pm sent
  4. [ACCEPTED] South Application to SEAL Team 10

    Mr. South, Thank you for your interest in the SEAL Team 10 Realism Unit. Before we can move forward with your application I will need the following from you Teamspeak Interview If you have any questions about what I need please send me a personal message on the forums or ask on teamspeak and I will be happy to assist you. Once again, thank you for your interest in our unit and hope to welcome you aboard soon. Respectfully, ENS Zinselmeier Recruiting Office SEAL Team 10
  5. [ACCEPTED] Zinselmeier Application

    First Name - Nick Last Name - Zinselmeier Age - 19 ArmA III Player ID - 7561198308850397 What NEC Code do you desire? 153A Do you understand that NEC Code's are selected at the end of UDT? You may not get the desired NEC Code you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently in a ArmA unit? Yes Why do you want to join SEAL Team 10? I have been searching for a unit that is oriented around professionalism and employing real-world tactics and training into their game play. I believe that SEAL team 10 is the kind of team I would like to be a part of for which I can provide aerial support for. How did you hear about us? Bohemia Forums What other ArmA units have you been in? Marine Force Reconnaissance Have you read and understood our policies and guidelines? Yes

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