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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Completing Field Exercises in preparation for deployment to Ukraine.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Ramirez to LTJG, Anderson to SOC.
  • |GENERAL| Winter Standown taking place Friday, December 21st 2359 - Friday January 4th 2359. All personnel are released from duties, expect delays in normal unit functions.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services running normally.

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  1. First Name? Daniel Last Name? Priest How old are you? 18 What is your ARMA III PID? 76561198082374282 What unit are you applying too? Special Operations Squadron 1 What entry level NEC/NOBC do you desire? 8501 Student Naval Aviator Do you understand that NECs/NOBCs are selected at the end of your training pipeline? You may not get the desired NEC/MOS you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently a member of a ArmA unit? no Why do you want to join your requested unit? Rejoining How did you hear about us? Member What other units have you been apart of? 3rd MRB, 29th Infantry, 75th Rangers Do you understand that the training pipeline will require you to be proactive and sign up for a time? Yes
  2. Uganda : ISIS Aren't the only ones destroying history By Phil Davis Yet another incident occurred with the US military and the Al-Shabeeb ending in catastrophic collateral damage. Early last Sunday morning a raid was conducted against an Al-Shabeeb fort, while this fort was housing terrorists it still was a massive historical site. The fort served a key role in fighting for the islands freedom during Great Britain's reign, along with serving as a sign of Sesse Independence and fortitude. Granted the terrorists operating there were deadly and pursuing their own agenda the historical significance still should have been considered before littering the site with craters, shrapnel, and bullet holes. The President of the Sesse Island has since spoke stating that “Even though I support America in this fight against terrorism I will not condone the act of destroying history, much less our history”, afterward he stated he intends to contact the U.S. regarding the lumber mill event and now this. Whether the U.S. will listen to him is unknown, but for the sake of the island's inhabitants and history hopefully the country I love will learn to not fight its enemies by becoming them. Phil Davis is an independent journalist and African Islands Correspondent for CNN
  3. Uganda: Tragedy at the Nickel Lumber Company By Phil Davis: CNN On the night of sunday the 12th a secret military operation was carried out against the Al-Shabaab militant group. First hand accounts bear witness to an absolute slaughter with collateral damage being the last concern of our United States military. The Nickel Lumber Company was the alleged target, housing close to 20 to 30 enemy militia men with several civilians and small arms with larger surplus hardware. With the US military having complete and total superiority they neglected the effects of completely destroying this business location. The owner of this company has since declared bankruptcy with also stating that he doesn't know how he can support his family now, another reproduction is a serious blow to the islands economy. The lumber mill accounted for a 35% of the islands exports, and now all that can be seen is a burned, destroyed, and corpse littered property of a once prosperous business. Any attempts for an interview regarding the subject were met with resounding no's along with one instance resulting in the arrest of a CNN reporter. Phil Davis is an independent journalist and African Islands Correspondent for CNN
  4. ARMA Crashing

    Had the same problem but what seemed to work was using the base ArmA 3 launcher instead of the sync, that and fiddling with a few of the launcher settings in the ArmA 3 launcher.
  5. First Name - Daniel Last Name - Priest Age - 17 ArmA III Player ID - 76561198082374282 What NEC Code do you desire? 5301 UDT SEAL Candidate Do you understand that NEC Code's are selected at the end of UDT? You may not get the desired NEC Code you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently in a ArmA unit? Yes Why do you want to join SEAL Team 10? Previously I was in the 75th Ranger Regiment(which I have footage of an operation or two) and I was with them for almost over a year and sadly due to recent complications our unit has seen a great decrease of both recruitment and activity with our server box being shut down we were looking very slim in means of continuing our weekly operation.So now I come before your most promising unit looking for an alternative and to instead of wait for that unit to die off and everyone scatter I am trying to leave now and not deal with the aftermath of that.Furthermore I am looking to be an active member in a some what thriving Milsim/realism unit and to contribute to said unit. How did you hear about us? Reddit What other ArmA units have you been in? I've been in the 29th Infantry Division (for 2 months) and the 75th Ranger Regiment (for 11-12 months) and I didn't have the chance to do much in the 29th but in the 75th I was A medic,Automatic Rifleman,and a member of the S-3 division (Basically a recruit trainer) I also had made a few missions for that unit which were sadly denied due to little interest or lack of members. Have you read and understood our policies and guidelines? Yes

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