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  1. in training server, i have no weapon's sound's at all, explosions or shots, any thoughts, i cannot see anyone's laser, and they cannot see mine.
  2. I am getting a red @ task force radio (missing) for my addons check to launch, I have deleted out TFAR and installed it via the repository 3 times, activating the addon each time, it still is showing that TFAR is missing, yet it is downloaded, Any ideas? When i searched the %appdata% in TS3 folder, i did not have anything TFAR related
  3. SOCS Anderson

    CBA Mismatch

    I am getting a similar issue, except I was not even able to get to the role selection screen last night, I deleted all my mods and they are installing for me to attempt later today, in the server selection on the bottom right of my screen where you will get the green and red bubbles with the mods, all my DLC's were red and my CBA was also red as of last night. I am not sure if this helps with additional information for you @LT Noble
  4. How much RAM does your computer currently have on it? and what graphics card are you using? and are you running 32 bit or 64 bit game? if running windows 10 (assuming you are) in the type to search box, type : SYS INFO press enter, then scroll down and find "installed physical memory" let me know how many GB you have. You may not have enough RAM for the "heavy frame rates" the graphics card is good, however I found out I didn't have enough ram available with similar issues, I now have 16GB of ram, of which 13GB is being used during missions/game play.
  5. How much RAM does your computer currently have on it? and what graphics card are you using? and are you running 32 bit or 64 bit game?
  6. SOCS Anderson

    Latest Update

    Update on my issue, turns out i had the option: "Auto-Discover" checked, un-selected it and now i am able to fully update the sync and I am all loaded in, I am able to successfully load into the training server no issues.
  7. SOCS Anderson

    Latest Update

    Trying to update the repository pack and i got the following error: Repository: SEAL Team 10 Modpack - Error: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Arma 3|!Workshop\@RHSSAF\addons\424.r258.build (access is denied) Any Idea what this is all about? I am not seeing this in my file folder following that link, not sure if it is actually on my drive or on the other end/

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