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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Currently completing a Field Training Exercise prior to deployment to Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services are up and running.
  • |PROMOTIONS| None.
  • |GENERAL| 2018 2nd Quarter Awards Announced

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  1. Logsdons Combat Camera

    Pictures of me being awesome!! Message me if you would like an image I'd be happy to share.
  2. VMFA-232

  3. VMFA-232

  4. VMFA-232

  5. VMFA-232

  6. VMFA-232

  7. VMFA-232

  8. VMFA-232

  9. VMFA-232

  10. [ACCEPTED] Incendia Asher Unit Application

    Mr. Asher, Thank you for your interest in the Joint Aviation Command side of the SEAL Team 10 Realism Unit. Your application has been ACCEPTED and you will be moved along in the process, so you can conduct initial training. *J-1 Interview Complete 6JUN18* *Welcome Aboard PM Sent* *Was invited by CPT Shaw into Aviation* Once again, welcome aboard! Respectfully, LT Logsdon Recruiting Office Joint Aviation Command

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