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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Completing Field Exercises in preparation for deployment to Ukraine.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Ramirez to LTJG, Anderson to SOC.
  • |GENERAL| Winter Standown taking place Friday, December 21st 2359 - Friday January 4th 2359. All personnel are released from duties, expect delays in normal unit functions.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services running normally.

SN Kohler

SEAL Team 10
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  1. First Name? Logan Last Name? Kohler How old are you? 18 What is your ARMA III PID? 76561198059857914 What unit are you applying too? SEAL Team 10 What entry level NEC/NOBC do you desire? 5301 UDT/SEAL Candidate Do you understand that NECs/NOBCs are selected at the end of your training pipeline? You may not get the desired NEC/MOS you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently a member of a ArmA unit? No I am not. Why do you want to join your requested unit? I am currently training for the US Navy, i'm an avid gamer. Been playing ARMA for around 6 years, and I guess i'm looking for a solid unit to stick with until I get shipped. How did you hear about us? Arma Units What other units have you been apart of? 54 Scottish Royal Navy Marine (Disbanded) 84 Marine Battalion (Disbanded) Do you understand that the training pipeline will require you to be proactive and sign up for a time? Yes

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