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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Deployed to Dontesk, Ukraine.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Blue to SO1, Stafford to SO2.
  • |GENERAL| None.
  • |SERVER STATUS| All services running normally.

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  • Birthday 08/02/1999
  1. birthday wrong

    in some places thats still the 1st of march 1983
  2. ARMA Crashing

    what had fixed the 3 frame glich for me that santiago had showed me that someone else posted on here was turining down the audio bitrate or something like that under your playback devices > properties > Advanced and then turn down the bit rate or sample depth or whatever its called down one rate or two
  3. Staying connected to the Server issue

    well i hopefully i fixed it just sat on the sever ran around for 30 minutes than sat idle for 2 hours and ran around again and it hasnt kicked me off... i had to delete my entire arma folder and mods and arma itself and reinstall everything and it fixed it... hopefully its fixed atleast
  4. Staying connected to the Server issue

    alright ill do that
  5. Staying connected to the Server issue

    then wouldnt i have trouble connecting to the other servers? and not just the training server?
  6. Problem - after being connected to the server for about 4 minutes i get kicked off Description - ever since the server keyed starting monday 04/09/18 i connected to the training server and was connected originally for about 10 minutes then got kicked off saying connection lost... i've asked people in the server what it says in chat when i disconnect and everytime it says signature check lost or something like that... i cant get a sscreenshot of that but i can play on the public server just fine i had also already verified my game files and it has had no impacting change Screenshots/Videos - screenshot of Arma3Sync to show i have only our mods loaded https://prnt.sc/j4d0bu this is what it gives me when it kicks me off http://prntscr.com/j4dal3 and at this time ive been on the server for about 6 minutes
  7. Dependancy issue

    THAT THERE IS gonna be because the modpack updated this morning or last night
  8. First Name - Hunter Last Name - Akes Age - 17 ArmA III Player ID - 76561198210067203 What NEC/NOBC do you desire? 5301 UDT SEAL Candidate Do you understand that NEC Code's are selected at the end of UDT? You may not get the desired NEC Code you want until an opening becomes available. Do you understand this? Yes Are you currently in a ArmA unit? No Why do you want to join SEAL Team 10? I would Like to join the Unit because ive grown bored of the StarSim unit i was in and the main reason i had gotten arma was to play these realistic style missions with a fantastic group and from the videos i have seen of this group compared to some others i find this one would be much more enjoyable for myself and i have 100+ hours in Arma3 and i would like to expand my experience within arma How did you hear about us? YouTube What other ArmA units have you been in? i have been in a small group with friends just playing missions my friend has made for a group of us to play using Operation Trebuchet Mod with the Halo components of it, and then recently the group i have left is the StarSim unit i was in for a couple months but had grown boredom for the unit because of its semi-seriousness and was almost never serious Have you read and understood our policies and guidelines? Yes

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