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LT Noble

SEAL Team 10 NEC/NOBC List

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Just like in the real United States Navy our members are assigned specific jobs these are known as NECs (enlisted) and NOBCs (officers).  Below is a list of the NEC & NOBCs that SEAL Team 10 Realsim Unit offers members.


Entry Level (Enlistment Options)

- 5301 UDT/SEAL Candidate


Post-Training Level (Post SQT Completion)

- 5326 Special Warfare Operator

- 5323 Special Warfare Support Operator


Advanced Training Level

- 5326 Special Warfare Sniper

- 5304 Special Warfare JTAC


Officer Level

- 9293 Sea-Air-Land Officer (SEAL Officer)


Additional Duty Level
-N-1 Personnel Staff

-N-3 Operations Staff

-N-7 Training Staff

-N-9 Media Staff

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