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[NEWS 29AUG2018] CNN: ISIS Aren't the only ones destroying history

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Uganda : ISIS Aren't the only ones destroying history

By Phil Davis


Yet another incident occurred with the US military and the Al-Shabeeb ending in catastrophic collateral damage. Early last Sunday morning a raid was conducted against an Al-Shabeeb fort, while this fort was housing terrorists it still was a massive historical site. The fort served a key role in fighting for the islands freedom during Great Britain's reign, along with serving as a sign of Sesse Independence and fortitude.

Granted the terrorists operating there were deadly and pursuing their own agenda the historical significance still should have been considered before littering the site with craters, shrapnel, and bullet holes. The President of the Sesse Island has since spoke stating that “Even though I support America in this fight against terrorism I will not condone the act of destroying history, much less our history”, afterward he stated he intends to contact the U.S. regarding the lumber mill event and now this.

Whether the U.S. will listen to him is unknown, but for the sake of the island's inhabitants and history hopefully the country I love will learn to not fight its enemies by becoming them.


Phil Davis is an independent journalist and African Islands Correspondent for CNN

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