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SO2 Mora

Issues with Arma3sync

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Hi everyone, 

I have been having issues with Arma3sync. I have tried to follow the steps to download the mods, and regardless of that nothing seems to work. there are several issues occurring. The first is that after the mods are downloaded and I try to close the SEAL team 10 mod pack tab, I get an error telling me that mods are still being checked even though it says that the check for addons is finished, so I am not able to close the tab. Then when going on the addons tab I click the button to generate the mods from the modpack but nothing happens so my available addons and addon groups section remain empty. Also when clicking the start game button, the game does not start. I have tried just about everything but have had no luck. 


To give some extra details, I have downloaded the mods to the same directory in which all of the Arma files are in. Last night, SO1 Blue tried to help me and we spent over an hour trying to fix the problem but we had no luck. If anyone has any idea how to fix  this issue any help would be greatly appreciated!



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@LT Noble I do have teamviewer, at what time would it be best to schedule with you tomorrow? I will be back home around 4 pm MCT, so I can do any time after that. Let me know. Thanks!

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