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  • |OPERATIONAL STATUS| Deployed to Baltic Region.
  • |PROMOTIONS| Stafford & Wilson to SO2.
  • |GENERAL|None.
  • |SERVER STATUS|All services running normally.
LT Noble

Joint Operation Full Repent

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As of 01 November 2019, SEAL Team 10 & 5thSFG have agreed to pursue a joint operation tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 07 December 2019 @2030 EST.  More information will follow please stay tuned.  Some important formation for all members:

  1. Little to no additional mods from what we currently used will be required
  2. Event will likely be optional for all members
  3. Tentatively have (2) events scheduled, with (1) event being hosted by 5th SFG and (1) event being hosted by ST10

5thSFG members have demonstrated a commitment to working cooperatively to ensure an excellent experience for both units.  Command Staff will be ensuring the membership is kept informed as more information is solidified.  

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After extremely productive conversations over the past several weeks between ST10 & 5thSFG we have solidified several critical details for the joint operation scheduled for Saturday, 07 December 2019.  Additionally, mission specific information & the modpack will be released within the next 7-10 days.  Key details agreed upon include:

  • Step-Off time of 2030 EST, they operate 1:30 later than us and have very generously agreed to move the start time back an hour to accommodate our members, we in turn have agreed to push forward our start time to 2030 EST
  • Optional for SEAL Team 10 members, since we will be utilizing several mods/settings not usually utilized by our community and are operating at a different time, Command Staff is making the mission optional for all members; however, as an incentive Command Staff will be rewarding an additional (2) points to all members whom attend making the operation worth (4) points total
  • Mods will be released to ST10 members via a repository, the total size for all additional files will be under 2 GB
  • SEAL Team 10 is being tasked with a mission critical underwater objective that will enable all follow on operations, 5thSFG is highly interested in our underwater capabilities
  • SEAL Team 10 is providing aviation support & JTAC support for the mission to 5thSFG 
  • We will be utilizing TFAR vs. ACRE for this operation

Command Staff would like to reiterate our excitement at this opportunity to play with another group of like minded individuals.  They have expressed how impressed they are with our professionalism and operational prowess and look forward to working alongside us.  

To gauge our numbers for further planning alongside 5thSFG, the sign-up for the operation is now open.  Please reply to this thread if you intend on attending the event.  Roles will be assigned at a later date along with a WARNO being posted.  


SEAL Team 10 Participating Members

CDR Noble



SOCS Ramirez

SOC Anderson

SO1 Farley

SO2 Moose

SO3 Wilson

SO3 Tingely

SO3 Stafford

SA Harper

SR Scotch

SR Alexander

SR Kelley

SR Brosco

SR Sokolis

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Guest SA Scotch

SR Scotch tentatively attending.

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**Roster updated

**Update from 5thSFG, mods should be out by Tuesday at the latest

**Update from 5thSFG, WARNO should be out by Tuesday at the latest

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**Roster updated

**Mod list received from  5thSFG, file called @JOINTOP will be added to the repository tomorrow along with the full mod list, there will also be a picture posted of what everyones A3Sync should look like to correctly launch with the correct mods for the joint operation

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Server Information


Port: 2332

Password: REPENT

5thSFG invites ST10 members to test join on their server to ensure you are able to load in without problems.  The server will be until Saturday's joint operation.  Please send any issues to @CDR Noble.

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Joint Operation Full Repent

DATE:  07 December 2019

TIME: 2030 EST (0230 Local)

Alpha Squad


Clear | 0% precipitation chance (Rain)  | Nautical Twilight 0544 | Sunrise 0647


SEAL Team 10 in conjunction with 5thSFG have been tasked with resecuring Tembelen island from Tembelen Insurgent Forces (TIF).  

SEAL Team 10, has been tasked with littoral offensive operations aimed at taking out their maritime strike/smuggling capabilities and disrupting their command & control in addition to freedom of movement.  

SEAL Team 10 & 5thSFG have been collectively assigned to re-secure critical communications infrastructure that will enable local resistance fighters to broadcast pro-government messages aimed at stimulating a popular uprising against TIF forces on the island.   

Mission Execution:

  • Step-off (0230 local) both teams will insert from a submerged submarine off the coast of Ekspor
    • See individual Team execution for further
  • Team Red Execution
    1. Team Red will mount up in x1 SDV and move to CP Lakefront
    2. At CP Lakefront
      1. x2 SEALs will plant explosives underwater to destroy target vessels at OBJ 01 (Set on Timer)
      2. x2 SEALs will plant explosives underwater to destroy target vessels at OBJ 02 (Set on Timer)
    3. Once x4 SEALs dropped, SDV will continue to CP Pabst
    4. At CP Pabst
      1. x2 SEALs will dismount SDV and will plant explosives underwater to destroy target vessels at OBJ 03
    5. SEALs at CP Pabst will re-mount SDV and anchor it at SDV Anchor site for follow on forces to retrieve
    6. All SEALs will rally from OBJs 1-3 at SDV Anchor site
    7. Team Red will proceed from CP Pabst up the channel to CP Coors to rally with Team Blue
  • Team Blue Execution
    1. Team Blue will utilize closed-circuit diving systems to move to CP Coors
    2. Once at CP Coors
      1. x2 SEALs will exit the water near OBJ 04 and plant explosives on powerplant substation boxes located ~5 meters from the water's edge
      2. x5 SEALs will hold security from the water
    3. Team Blue will remain in the vicinity of CP Coors submerged and await the arrival of Team Red
  • Squad Execution
    1. Once both teams have rallied near CP Coors, both team will move underwater to the 5thSFG & ST10 Rally Point
    2. Once on-site at rally point, the squad will set security and either move to assist 5thSFG with their primary objective or wait for their operators to rally
    3. ST10 & 5thSFG Leadership will conduct planning for a joint assault on OBJ 05

4: Admin & Logistics

  • Uniforms & Equipment
    • AOR 2 Uniforms
    • Dive Kit
    • Extra medical supplies (no-surgical kits needed)
    • Hard Covers
    • Night equipment
    • x2 extra zip-ties per operator
  • Arms & Ammunition
    • Operator selected weapon system (suppressed) 
    • x1 Shoulder fired rocket per operator
    • Close to Medium range weapons / optics (NV capable)
    • x2 Demo block per operator
  • Special Assignments
    • Team Red - Demon 1-6
      • LCDR Solo - 1IC | JTAC
      • SO2 Moose - 4IC | Medic
      • SO3 Wilson - Marksman
      • SA Harper - Heavy Weapons (can be unsuppressed)
      • SR Alexander - Demolitions
      • SR Brosco - Assaulter
      • SA Hearts - Heavy Weapons (can be unsuppressed)
    • Team Blue - Demon 1-7
      • SOCS Ramirez - 2IC | Marksman
      • SOC Anderson - 3IC | Medic
      • SO3 Tingely - Demolitions
      • SO3 Stafford - Assaulter
      • SR Scotch - Heavy Weapons (can be unsuppressed)
      • SR Kelley - Assaulter
      • SR Sokolis - Assaulter
  • Communications
    • Command Net - 50 LR (1 & 2 IC)
    • Zeus Net - 80 LR (For Glitches)
    • Squad Net - 30 (1-4 IC)
    • Team Red - 30.1
    • Team Blue - 30.2
    • Air Support Net -70
  • Chain of Command
    • LCDR Solo - SOCS Ramirez - SOC Anderson - SO2 Moose


INTEL Packet

Mission Execution Images

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